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Key Features

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Actual information about current state of the dealing desk — a big picture, A/B books net volumes, exposures, buyers/sellers, open positions, control of rates & orders execution streams are available in real-time. This allows dealers to quickly make effective operational analysis.

  • Risk Management

    Our real-time "antivirus" for brokers ensures you are immediately notified of changes in client behavior, potentially toxic trading, internal threats, and other activity outside of your pre-defined risk tolerances.

  • Trading Session Control

    Comprehensive session PnL chart sorted by trading symbols, winners/losers, turnover stats, and other detailed session reports. A big picture of trading session in real-time helps dealers to analyze session key metrics and track down critical factors in just a few clicks.

  • Brokerage Business Intelligence

    We provide a set of out-of-the-box historical Metabase reports to see the performance across the dealing desk. View PnL by account groups or asset groups, balance transactions, money flow, equities, deposits, etc.

  • Dealing Desk Operations

    No waste of time for your dealing operations! Dividends accrual, contract expirations, and swap changing are available from a single control center across all your trading platforms. Plan, schedule and execute your dealing operation from one place. No need to switch between systems.

    A convenient page with a calendar view shows your executed tasks and the pending ones. Easy access to the task details in one click.