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Broker Pilot is
Your Proactive Control
of The Dealing Desk

The all-in-one real-time multi-server platform for risk management, monitoring and business intelligence used in financial brokerage.

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5 in 1: «Antivirus» for Brokers And More
Based on all-in-one concept, our solution allows you to define, implement and benefit from your individual risk-management policy including:
«Antivirus» for Brokers
Our real-time «Antivirus» for brokers ensures you are immediately notified of changes in client behavior, potentially toxic trading, internal threats, and other activity outside of your pre-defined risk tolerances.

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Quotes & Execution Control
Take advantage of the embedded Price Feed & Execution Control - alert-based real-time monitoring of price feed continuity and execution integrity.

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In real-time, monitoring allows you to analyze profit and loss and your consolidated book of risk across all trading platforms from one place.

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A-Book Management
It allows you to be flexible in your decision-making while hedging full or partial trade volumes on A-Book.

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Business Analytics
With our Business Analytics, you can monitor achieving key metrics for the dealing desk and report on company profits.

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Your Feature
We develop custom features upon request to fit our partners' needs.
Up to 20% increase in monthly P&L due to adopted effective risk-management.
Up to 40% of the dealing desk workload reduction due to risk management automation.
100% safe as no direct interfer-ence with trading servers. No plugins are used.
«Antivirus» for Brokers
Our real-time «Antivirus» for brokers ensures you are immediately notified of changes in client behavior, potentially toxic trading, internal threats, and other activity outside of your pre-defined risk tolerances.
Up To 20% Increase In Monthly P&L
You'll get up to 20% increase in your monthly P&L thanks to smart technologies that are available in Broker Pilot to detect and cut off all kinds of potential loopholes for abusive trading, various cheaters and dangerous situations for brokers in real-time.
Control Of Leverage Trading
Fully automated control of leverage trading that fits established company rules.
Invalid Balance Detection
Detection of traders' invalid balances and automated balance correction trough executed orders recalculation.
Weekend Leverage Trading
Fully automated applying of the weekend mode of leverage trading to avoid unexpected losses.
Overdue Credit Detection
Real-time detection of traders with overdue credits and fully automated write off procedure to reduce the workload.
Insider Trade Detection
Real-time detection and blocking of insider trading within an instant.
Affiliate Program Vulnerabilities
Detection of traders' accounts that use affiliate program vulnerabilities for a profitable trade.
Large Volumes Detection
Real-time detection of large volumes on traders' accounts in their summarized open trades.

Scalpers - HFT Detection
Unwanted scalping is to be detected in real-time.
Quotes And Execution Control
Take advantage of the embedded Price Feed & Execution Control - the alert-based real-time monitoring of price feed continuity and execution integrity.
100% Risk Free Quotes And Execution
We built a full suite to curb all kinds of potential loopholes for arbitrage,
abusive trading, execution and price anomalies.
Export And Archiving
Our quotes service allows archiving and exporting data in the required time frames and formats.
Index Volatility Control
Index abnormal volatility alerts upon reaching predefined thresholds and automated spread widening.
Real-time alerts and warnings of time-outs in execution and quotes streams.
Detection Of Gaps In Price Feed
Real-time alerts for detected gaps in the price feed and adjustable thresholds for better control.
Excessive Traffic Detection
Automated detection and blocking of accounts generating excessive requests to the trading server to prevent an unnecessary burden on trade servers.
Price Anomalies Control
Full control over specific quotes flow issues like a series of oppositely directed price movements and more.
Automated Stop Out Control
Automated control and blocking of accounts that went past margin calls to prevent unexpected losses.
Arbitrage Trading Detection
Detection of backlogs in the price feed and arbitrage traders detection in real-time.
Sharp Dealings Detection
Real-time detection of so-called «Sharp Practice» for further analysis and decision making.
Symbol Unusual P&L Alerts
Real-time alerts of unusual symbol session profit based on historical data analysis and reconciliation.
A-Book Management
Allows you to be flexible in your decision-making while hedging full or partial
trade volumes on A-Book.
Anti Trading For A-Book Is Foreseen
If necessary, negative values of hedging volumes are allowed to take advantage of anti trading.
Hedged Volumes
Full and partial volumes are allowed for hedging on A-Book giving it extra flexibility.
Data Filtering
A-Book data filtering to sort the data by trade server, by country, by account groups, by trade reason, etc.
Anti Trading
Flexible A-Book settings allow hedging negative values for anti trading on A-Book.
Net Volumes
Net instrument volumes of A-Book compiled in one comprehensive real-time report available for monitoring.
Flexible Settings
Adding up single trader's accounts, groups of accounts, symbols, groups of symbols to the
A-Book coverage.
Real-Time Monitoring
Real-time data of total unrealized profit, balance summary, equity summary, net volumes, total leverages, orders-buy, orders-sell, etc.
Multi Server Brokerage
A-Book data aggregated from multi-trade servers. Individual A-Book settings for each trade server.
Top Volumes
Top volumes of A-Book accounts are compiled in one comprehensive real-time report.
Business Analytics
With our Business Analytics, you can monitor achieving key metrics for the dealing desk and report on company profits. An indicator analysis always makes informed decisions that exponentially increase P&L.

Performance management
The right reporting strategy can have a positive impact on performance management, thus increasing the company's overall profitability.
We provide a set of out-of-the-box reports to see the performance across the dealing desk. View P&L by account groups or asset groups, balance transactions, money flow, equities, deposits, etc.
Performance Management
Our reporting system is capable of generating any analysis for performance management, including volume, profit, exposure, and other various in-depth reports.
Using the latest technologies, we are in a position to process and analyze high volumes of data and produce any required report with minimum delay.
Data Aggregation
Your past trade data is aggregated from multiple trading platforms and compiled in comprehensive reports with graphs and charts.
Reporting Customization
Though the pre-set reports come as part of the package, reports customization is made upon request.
Data Export
Export data into multiple formats such as CSV or Excel.
Web-based Dashboards
Web-based dashboards with frequently used reports, shareable and easily customizable are at your disposal.
Interactive Charts
Build reports and use interactive charts to see values in desired timestamps.
White Label Clustering
Clustering helps with data managing in multiple white labels (trading platforms) scenario. Clusters ensure separated data monitoring and limited data access while aggregated metrics available for top management. This helps to comply with the requirements of regulators for data separation of multiple WLs.
Real-Time Monitoring
In real-time, monitoring allows you to analyze profit and loss and your consolidated book of risk across all trading platforms from one place. View exposure by the individual client, platform, liquidity index,
or any combination thereof.
Special For A Chief Dealer
Isn't it time that the chief dealer became the person in control of all sets of responsibilities from a proactive rather than a reactive position?
Real-Time Picture
A real-time picture, a genuine control over the current situation from one place. Aggregated data is communicated to a Chief Dealer in charts and as
interactive data.
Interactive Charts
Get up-to-date the latest market price of currency pairs, P&L changes, etc. in any desired timestamp of the chart.
Session Summary
Interactive session P&L chart along with visual data updated in real-time helps a Chief Dealer to see and track the source of danger in just a few clicks.
Market Sentiment Indicators
Based on real-time data aggregated from multiple trading platforms, graphic market sentiment indicators communicate market sentiment to a Chief Dealer.
A/B/C Book Monitoring
A/B/C Book allocation requires a Chief Dealer to monitor A/B/C Book exposures alongside net volumes in real-time.
Control Panel
The web-based control panel is a single-center for dealing management of all broker's trading platforms.
Adjustable Workplace
A set of customizable dashboards with real-time charts, can be shared between multiple monitors of a workstation and ease data interpretation.
Event-Based Alerts
A Chief Dealer is alerted of any threats related to the real-time dealing operations by the push notification.
Session P&L
For a Chief Dealer, session data aggregated from multiple trading platforms is compiled in the real-time comprehensive Session Key Metrics report including exposures, profits, volumes, balance transactions, etc.

Trading Session
A Chief Dealer is just a few clicks away from a clear understanding
of the session P&L critical factors.
Session Summary
In real-time, interactive P&L chart and profits, exposures, volumes data helps a Chief Dealer to analyze session Key Metrics and track down critical factors in just a few clicks.
Top Turnover
Session turnover is one of the important Key Metrics to be analyzed by brokers. We ranked traders' accounts by the session turnover for you to analyze in the real-time report.
P&L Details
A set of customizable charts and data provides a granular look at profits generated by account groups, symbol groups, trade sources, etc.
Deposits And Withdrawals
All balance transactions made within the trading session are available for analysis in real-time.
Winners And Losers
For a Chief Dealer, it's easy to analyze the most profitable as well as the most unprofitable accounts of the trading session in real-time.
New Funded Accounts
New funded accounts of the current trading session can be pulled up in real-time.
Charts & Diagrams
Interactive charts and diagrams ease visual data interpretation. Total session P&L, P&L by trading instruments, P&L by account groups and trade reasons are available for extensive analysis.
Real-time Session Stats
Real-time session stats are available for extensive analysis including active accounts, opened orders, closed orders, total equity, rollover swaps, overall leverage, overall drawdown, etc.
Big Picture Of Your
Dealing Desk
To help the team, our solution is engineered to refine the routine dealing operations, provide comprehensible visual data and reduce the workload of the heavily burdened teams in the dealing room. Once set up, it exceeds expectations and never gets tired.
Operations Management 24/7
An enterprise solution that provides a comprehensive set of real-time analytics and best-in-class functionality for brokerages. It can also be considered as an alternative system to detect discrepancies and anomalies in the accounts trading history.
Control Panel
Control Panel is a corporate website with multi-level employee access. Roles including dealers, partners, risk managers, etc. are assigned based on internal policy. Flexible rights management.
API For Broker's Website
Quotes feed, spread dynamics, clients` success rate, sentiment indicator, quotes history, clients' trading stats, notification for selected events, etc.
Fully Adjustable Workplace
Fully adjustable dealer's workplace through customizable monitoring and process management dashboards with widgets that can either be added from the standard range or imported.
B-Book Management
All your trades aggregated from multiple trading platforms are compiled into a consolidated book of risk to analyze exposures, volumes buy/sell, net volumes, total balances, and equities, volume sentiments, etc.
Swaps, Rollovers & Dividends
Change swaps, perform symbols' rollovers, or make dividend accrual from a single control center. Routine operations are fully automated. Scheduled tasks of recurring dividends accrual or swaps changing are available to set up from a calendar view.
Data Filtering
Real-time dealing data can be sorted the way you want with the help of various filters whether you require to sort data by account group, symbol group, trading server or Geolocation.
Big Picture
View and analyze the picture of the dealing desk at large with real-time comprehensible visual data including exposures, open positions, credit orders, top clients, top margin, A/B books net volumes reconciliation, margin calls, etc.
For brokers' convenience, traders can be closely monitored on a specially designed radar tab according to various thresholds of unrealized profit, min balance, min equity, min volume, etc.
Payment Systems
Various payment systems can be added to process and monitor balance transactions.
Multi-Server Coverage
Multi-server coverage allows adding numerous trading servers and to assign them with real or demo modes.
Ready To Use Widgets
Ready to use widgets that can be posted on the broker's website to inform traders and gain a professional look.
Broker Pilot's API
Broker Pilot serves as a good data source for the broker's internal IT systems and corporate website. Whether your business is small or large, we can provide that professional look needed to succeed in today's retail brokerage and ensure that your internet presence is on the high standard.
Data Available On Subscription
No need to make requests every time you need specific data as once subscribed you'll get it automatically.
Quotes Feed
Attract more traders through clear and transparent price feed that is being streamed on your corporate website.
Spread Dynamics
Spread dynamics available on your website flags up traders the competitiveness of your narrow spreads.
Sentiment Indicator
Add up value to your corporate website through a market sentiment indicator based on data collected from all your trading platforms.
Quotes History
Give your clients more freedom to test their trading strategies on past price feed data available for download on your website.
Client's Trading Stats
Full account-related trading stats via our API is available for a trader in his private office on your website.
Push Notification
Select any trading account-related event e.g. any profit threshold, drawdown or balance level for a trader that we need to deliver via API. Once a selected threshold is reached it will be available for push notification in instant messaging apps.
When it comes to our software performance, we are always ready to provide our partners with outstanding support and service. Partners of IndigoSoft LTD. are guaranteed to receive up to date software updates and technical support. We use a ticketing software to convert every email our team receives into tickets, and then we prioritize, track and follow-up on customer requests from one place.

Beyond the fact that IndigoSoft LTD. develops a turnkey solution that already has everything you need to start a brokerage with effective risk management, we admit that every company has its own needs in customization. We can tailor our suit to your individual needs including the connection of your proprietary trading platform.
    Installation Options

    Broker Pilot can either be installed ON-PREMISE or offered as SaaS.
    Broker Pilot is 100% safe as the connection to the broker's trading servers is established via API. No plugins are used. Broker Pilot does not directly interfere with broker's trading servers. Your data is absolutely safe.
    Data Aggregation
    Broker Pilot aggregates data from multiple trading servers including MT4/MT5 and broker's proprietary trading platforms in real-time.
    Both the frontend and backend of Broker Pilot are accommodated on IndigoSoft cloud IT infrastructure. We provide all the necessary hardware and software required for individual broker's needs.
    If necessary the Broker Pilot's front-and-backend can be installed on-premise. For this option we also provide 24/7 tech support and resource monitoring.
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    IndigoSoft LTD has a staff of highly-qualified specialists working in the finance and e-commerce industries. During more than 18 years in the industry, we have honed our vast experience and skills to create high-quality products and improve the technologies our partners need most. Collectively, all these factors place us among the industry's top players.

    A professional team, a high level of automation, and the use of test code allow us to remain consistent and efficient as we work towards our objectives, and the results are unfailingly high-quality software products.
    Supported Platforms
    Broker Pilot supports either market most popular MetaQuotes MT4/MT5 or proprietary trading platforms.
    MetaQuotes MT4
    Broker Pilot supports MetaQuotes MT4 platform.
    MetaQuotes MT5
    Broker Pilot supports MetaQuotes MT5 platform.
    Libertex platform
    Broker Pilot supports Libertex
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