Realtime picture

You will get the total picture in real time from all trading servers. Broker Pilot helps to focus on critical issues at the right time.

Risk management

Let the Broker Pilot manage the dealing for you. Automation of decision-making.

Optimize your

Complete information about trading activity on convenient monitoring dashboards make it possible to make correct decisions.

Fully integrated

Easy integration into dealing desk. Does not use plugins! Does not interfere with the execution of orders. A comprehensive source of any data for the Broker's backend.

What are the benefits of using the Pilot Broker?

CEO Is Satisfied!

  • The high efficiency of dealing and increase of profit
  • Risk control. Prevention of excessive losses
  • Reducing the cost of IT staff and dealing department
  • A corporate site with different levels of employee access

IT Director Is Pleased!

  • High-performance products
  • A comprehensive solution for the IT infrastructure of a broker
  • Full access to the data of the dealing via the API
  • Website Integration Kit is ready
  • Staff reduction
  • An accessible team of professionals to solve specific issues

Сhief Dealer Is Pleased!

  • Assistant is a virtual Chief dealer, does not sleep, does not get tired, instantly reacts to market situations
  • Automatic risk management, flexible configuration
  • Multi-server solution
  • Full-time monitoring
  • Vision of the current big picture
  • Aggregating data from all trading servers
  • Minimizing human errors
  • Reduction of financial losses
  • Staff reduction

The Dealers Are Happy!

  • High-tech convenient toolkit in operations
  • Equipment for the dealer's workplace, a system of dashboards for monitoring and process management
  • Automation of routine operations. Swaps changer, symbols' rollovers, dividends.
  • Technical support and training

Broker Pilot is the right answer!


Broker Pilot is a virtual Chief Dealer!

Based on new technologies developed in our company IndigoSoft LTD.

Complete Control Panel

Corporate site - a single center for managing all trading servers of the Company's dealing. Settings of the automatic reaction of the Pilot Broker to various market situations, which will allow your dealers to focus on critical issues at the right moment!

Broker Pilot in real time calculates the current state of accounts on all trading servers of the Company. Aggregates the data into a big picture of the dealing desk. It controls the flow of quotes and the execution of orders. Intelligent algorithms perform trade analysis, managing risks according to specified rules. In complex cases, management is handed over to dealers for decision making. The practice has shown that the response time of dealers decreased from 5-15 minutes to 6-12 seconds! That reduces the losses of the broker due to timely correction of the Company's risks. This allows you to save up to $100K per month. Reduces the load on dealers, eliminates the human factor. Broker Pilot is virtual chief-dealer, does not sleep, does not get tired. Full 24-hour 24/7 control.


More and more extra great features

We are constantly improving the Broker Pilot and adding more and more new features. You can use right now:

Realtime Reports & Trading Session Stats

  • Trade session stat, total PnL, PnL by trading instruments
  • PnL detailing by accounts' groups, trading instruments, trade reasons
  • Net volumes with filters
  • Market makers for each trading instrument
  • Session winners-losers
  • List of new trading session accounts
  • Deposit/withdraw operations
  • The biggest volumes
  • The biggest accounts
  • The champions by trading turnover
  • All active orders
  • All active credit orders
  • Chart of balances, by group of accounts
  • Accounts' radar
  • Geo map - net volumes by countries
  • Charts of history net volumes of trading instruments
  • Charts of PnL history - total and of trading instruments
  • And more...

Dashboards and widgets

  • Executed Last Orders
  • Execution Semaphore
  • Rates Semaphore
  • Symbols' Rates
  • Monthly Total Pnl
  • Net Volumes Charts
  • And more...

Accounts Control Centre

  • Leverage Changer
  • Changing trading leverage on accounts for the weekend
  • Detection of profitable accounts
  • Detection of run-up accounts
  • Detection of cheating or suspicious trading activity
  • Detection of the scalpers - high frequency trading, HFT
  • Detection of the insider trading
  • Alerts of large trading volumes on accounts
  • Control of invalid balances on accounts, automatic fixation
  • Control of overdue credit orders, automatic writing off

Orders Executions Control Centre

  • Detection of too long executions
  • Rejected orders
  • Alerts of large trading volumes on orders
  • Detection of toxic traffic
  • Detection of too many trading requests
  • Detection of breakage of the order execution flow
  • Control of stop-outs

Quotes Control Centre

  • Detection of wrong quotes
  • Detection of quotes' gaps
  • Detection of abnormal volatility
  • Detection of trade on the backlog of quotes
  • Control of the stability of the quotation flow
  • Detection of breakage of the quotation flow

Broker Pilot API for the broker's site

  • Quotes Feed
  • Spread Dynamics
  • Clients` Success Rate
  • Position Orderbook
  • Sentiment Indicator
  • Quotes History
  • Clients' Trading Statistic
  • Notification of third-party services about trading events in the dealing desk
  • And More...

Purchasing Broker Pilot You save

time and money to develop high-tech software. In operation - from 1 000 000 in year!

1.2 million and 18 months

  • Cost of own development of a similar system. If there is a team of software developers who own the technologies of dealing desk.

From 10K per month operation

  • Highly qualified DevOps-engineers - maintenance of IT systems and its development

100K + per month for every thousand active accounts

  • Increase of profit due to control of trade risks, automatic control of trading leverage on accounts

Up to 3000 per month on a single trading server

  • Increase in profits through automatic control of quotations and arbitrage trading

Broker Pilot significantly increases your profit!

In addition, the RADAR-system allows you to identify accounts-champions and cheaters at the earliest stages, helps to save money. According to our estimates, this is:

2-3% of the Company's annual profit!

Supported Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5

Certified by the Financial Commission!


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Valery Dolgov, CEO

"Imagine, you need to score a nail. Unlike many others, we sell not just a hammer, we sell along with it the knowledge of how to properly hammer a nail. It's not enough to have a tool, you need to know how to use it. It is not enough to build various graphics, calling it "risk management". Thousands and tens of thousands of active accounts cannot be manually controlled. And, even more so, make timely and correct decisions. Our value in interpretation, analysis and management, and not the presence of a "hammer". Ability to show the most critical problems, respond instantly to them.", - Valery Dolgov, CEO

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  • Customization according to the needs of broker
  • Technical support and monitoring 24/7
  • Guaranteed honest customer service
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