• Multi-server Coverage
    Multi-server and multi-platform coverage inside one consolidated web portal. Real and Demo modes are supported.
  • Big Picture
    View and analyze current state of the dealing desk in real-time. Make your decisions faster and maintain full control.
  • Full scale dealing desk risk-management — cheaters detection, insiders, scalpers, trade leverages by volumes or by equity, spreads, rates control, and many more.
  • A/B/C Books
    All net volumes aggregated from multiple trading platforms are compiled into a consolidated A/B/C books to analyze exposures, net & coverage volumes. Comparison with net volumes of hedge accounts.
  • Flexible Dashboards
    Fully adjustable dealer’s workplace through customizable dashboards with widgets to control and monitor all processes in your dealing desk.
  • Accounts Aggregation
    IP addresses, CIDs, Agents, emails and many more filters are supported to aggregate accounts into one profile.
  • Hedge Accounts
    The direct connection to your hedge accounts allows to build session metrics, net volumes, exposures, etc. MT4/5 terminals, FIX connection and a number of other platforms are supported.
  • Related Profiles
    Detection of organized traders’ groups by analyzing IPs, CID and online sessions. Helps in avoiding complicated cheating activities in your dealing desk.
  • Quotes Monitoring
    Quotes flows comparison to verify a stability of streams. Helps to avoid issues with unstable and frozen series of quotes.
  • Team Clustering
    Isolated dealing desk control for different divisions inside your company.