User Permissions

If you have many employees in your company, and all of them have access to Brokerpilot, you will inevitably have the question of separating access to various data. Depending on their role in the company and position, everyone should have different levels of access. Some of your dealers simply change swaps and do not need to see the company’s general PnL, while others deal with the status of the PnL and do not need to set up triggers and receive notifications.

Thanks to the very flexible user permissions system in Brokerpilot, you can hide or, on the contrary, show almost any section of our platform. The number of users in our system is unlimited, the system administrator can create new ones and immediately give them permission to view various sections and edit certain settings.

In addition to this, the Brokerpilot system keeps a log of all user actions. If you need to find out who processed a certain notification and when, who changed swaps, who changed settings in a certain trigger, you can do this without any problems.

18 Dec, 2023