Trade Request Flood

It's no secret that many traders use third-party apps to help them in trading. Some brokers turn a blind eye to this, while others actively restrict it. 

One way or another, identifying robot trading is not a problem for Brokerpilot. But sometimes such trading can exceed all reasonable limits and may carry the risk of the trading server getting crashed. Which, for various reasons, can also be part of a trader’s strategy.

To detect such activity, Brokerpilot has a special “Trade Request Flood” trigger. In its settings you can specify after how many requests to the trading server from the trader, trading will be blocked for him. You can specify the limit of requests per trading session, as well as the number of transactions per second.

This is one of the triggers that provides automation. If the request limit is exceeded, trading will be blocked automatically for a specified period of time, or a notification will simply be generated for the dealer, after analyzing which he will be able to take action manually.

28 May, 2024