Symbol Unusual PnL

Sometimes to identify suspicious trader activity, it is necessary to use external factors, and not just his behavior. For example, brokers might want to track the average Profit and Loss (PnL) on a particular instrument over a specific period, and if the instrument's PnL is significantly higher than the average, a dealer should be notified about the situation.

The trigger that monitors this type of scenario is called “Symbol Unusual PnL”. It calculates the average PnL on an instrument over the last 60 days, and if suddenly some trader’s PnL for this instrument exceeds the value specified in the settings, a notification is generated for the dealer with 10 most successful accounts on this instrument for the trading session.

Also in the settings you can specify the minimum trader’s PnL value, which will be taken into account when creating a notification. This way you can significantly reduce the number of irrelevant alerts.

05 Feb, 2024