Stealing Quotes

Sometimes new clients come to brokers with Metatrader 4/5 platforms with the intention not to trade, but to receive quotes from the broker as a source for their own trading platforms. For example, a beginner broker is not ready to connect to expensive liquidity providers and finds other ways to provide quotes to his clients. At the same time, the company spends its resources on providing services to such clients, conducting KYC, onboarding, working with salespeople, etc.

Therefore, it is useful to know what a new client is doing, why he joined, what goals he is pursuing, and how profitable he will be for the company. The "Stealing Quotes" trigger will detect that the trader is using his connection in DATAFEED mode to feed broker quotes to his trading platform.

Brokerpilot will allow you to determine how many such clients are in your dealing department, leaving it at your discretion to block such accounts.

11 Jun, 2024