Reporting System

Once again we’d like to point out the main principle of information presentation in Brokerpilot. We show a snapshot of information in real time, at the current moment of the trading session. This is the main distinguishing feature of our system, which sets us apart from our competitors. In two or three mouse clicks our clients can get an instant overview of the current state of dealing and identify possible threats.

But we understood perfectly well that historical data is no less important for a broker than the current state of the dealing, so the concept of historical reports was developed — we call it a Reporting system. By clicking the reporting button, the broker enters a database where all historical data is stored and accumulated.

In our reporting collection you can find more than forty different reports and dashboards. PnL by day, week, month, by account, account group, instrument group is just a tiny part of what can be found. Thanks to a very flexible filter system, you can get almost any slice of historical data. And using the export function, the report can be downloaded in a convenient format for further analysis.

If you would like to get specific data that for some reason is not yet presented in our collection, just let us know. We have all the necessary information on your dealing and it will not be a problem for us to provide you with the required data in a format that is convenient for you.

26 Mar, 2024