Detect Sharp Deals

The Brokerpilot triggers combine together the experience of leading chief dealers in the industry. To understand and analyze the threat to a broker, it is necessary to receive notification not only from one specific trigger, but from several in total and see a big picture. In this way, it will be possible to understand the trader's behavior pattern and take steps to prevent his actions if they could potentially turn out to be unfair.

One of these triggers that helps to understand a trader’s behavior based on a combination of factors is “Detect Sharp Deals”. It helps to detect a series of suspiciously profitable trades. In the settings you can specify the values by which the search will be performed: the number of transactions, the percentage of profit on the transaction, the amount of profit. To cut off the number of unwanted notifications, you can indicate the trader’s total profit.

If the values specified in the settings are exceeded, notifications are generated for the dealer for analysis. By jumping to a trader’s account information page and by analyzing his behavior, a dealer can draw a conclusion about the legality of his trading. The “Detect Sharp Deals” trigger will indicate potentially unfair actions of the trader in conjunction with other triggers, so  the notifications will be generated for several different events at once.

The sibling of this trigger is “Detect Sharp Deals by Period”. Its logic is absolutely identical, the only thing is that in the settings you can additionally select the time period over which the search will be performed.

27 Feb, 2024