Brokerpilot is a huge system. There are a lot of different reports and tables on the current state of your dealing. And sometimes it is necessary to squeeze out certain data that you have to look at or check constantly. We have a special feature for this — Dashboards.

This is a special section of Brokerpilot, where you can customize your collection of widgets and display them on a separate monitor or in a separate browser window. Our library of dashboards is very extensive; almost all reports that are presented on the Brokerpilot pages have their own widget.

The widget can be customized for a specific instrument or group of accounts, the parameters are very flexible. You can also create several of these widget presets and quickly switch between them to see in one place all the information that you frequently refer to.

Once you've set up your dashboard, you can export it to a JSON-file to create a workspace for a new user in a couple of mouse clicks.

19 Mar, 2024