CID Control

Sometimes a broker needs to know when a trader logs into the trading platform under a new or external account. The “CID Control” trigger will help in detecting such a situation. A specific CID is entered in the settings and the dealer receives a notification that an entry occurred from this number. You can set up an automatic block on trading during this event.

This trigger will also help to determine whether a trader uses different devices to login. To do so you can configure for which number of CIDs for one user a notification will be generated.

It is worth mentioning that in the “Aggregated Accounts” section of Brokerpilot it is possible to combine several accounts into one virtual account based on specific parameters, one of which is CID. This will also greatly help the dealer in analyzing the trader's behavior.

And in each account information page you can always find a list of all CIDs from which the trader logged into the trading platform.

30 Jan, 2024
CID Control