Admin Fees

Our team is constantly expanding and improving Brokerpilot functionality and trying to keep up with new trends and challenges in the industry.

We are pleased to present to your attention a new trigger — “Admin Fees”, which was developed specifically at the request of several of our clients.

This trigger is intended for calculating commissions on open positions transferred through a rollover to the next day (including holidays and weekends).

The positions for the processing are selected based on the settings specified in the rules. You can select the type of the fee calculation (in percentage or in USD) and specify fees separately for short and long positions. Depending on the type of settlement, each qualifying position is assigned a USD amount calculated using special formulas.

You can create several rules in a trigger that specify accounts or groups of accounts, as well as symbols or groups of symbols. The setting for working with a symbol is applicable only in one rule; you cannot configure two rules for one trading symbol. However you can specify the same account or group of accounts in different rules.

05 Mar, 2024