Account State Events

One of the most important advantages of the Brokerpilot system is the ability to summarize information from dealing, the overall picture in real time, and the ability to instantly obtain the necessary data.

But we understand that a personalized approach is also required when you want to focus on a specific account and receive notification if its state has changed. After configuring the necessary automation in notifications from the system, the dealer can switch to other tasks without worrying about missing something important

For such cases Brokerpilot has what we call a super-trigger — Account State Events, in the flexible settings of which you can set special conditions for a specific account or groups of accounts. Want to know when a particular account's margin level has become too low, or when floating profit has exceeded a certain level. Or maybe it is necessary to find out about the inactivity of an account for a certain period? Or did the profit on one transaction exceed a specific amount?

All this and much more can be tracked with the help of this trigger. You can create many different rules with different conditions. Moreover, one account or one group of accounts can be included in different rules, which adds even more depth and flexibility when identifying the necessary situation in dealing.

13 Feb, 2024