Account Activity

As we have already mentioned in our previous articles, one of the most important advantages of the Brokerpilot system is the ability to summarize information from dealing, the overall picture of the dealing desk in real time, and the ability to instantly obtain the necessary data.

But an individual approach is also required when you need to focus on a specific account and receive a notification of a particular activity. Having installed the necessary automation in notifications from the system, the dealer can calmly switch to other tasks without worrying about missing something important.

The “Account Activity” trigger will allow the dealer to track a specific action on the account and receive notification when it was performed. The following types of activities can be identified:

  • Position is open;
  • Position closed;
  • Pending order created;
  • Pending order removed;
  • Order has been modified;
  • Account has been deposited;
  • Money has been withdrawn from the account.

To detect account activity, you can also use additional parameters, such as IP, CID, email address, name, internal company ID, geolocation.

To reduce the number of irrelevant notifications, you can set a minimum session profit and a minimum deposit in the settings, which the trigger will take into account when generating alerts for the dealer.

20 Feb, 2024