Doubled Accounts

The risk management system in Brokerpilot works in such a way that if there is nothing unusual in your dealing, everything is calm and quiet on the notifications panel. Brokerpilot begins to bloom with alarms for the dealer only when it detects suspicious activity on certain accounts.

If there is some kind of threat or unusual activity, the dealer will see specific patterns of notifications from different triggers. One such early detection tool is the “Doubled Accounts” trigger.

In it you can specify by what percentage the profit of the account must grow in order for a notification to be generated. For example, a trader deposits $100 and the dealer wants to start tracking him when the account reaches $150. Just specify 50% profit in the settings.

The entire history of deposit-withdrawal operations (balance orders) serves the purpose of creating a so-called base point for the profit calculation. To avoid generating too many notifications for the accounts with small volumes, you can specify the minimum equity to which the trigger will react.

22 Jan, 2024